A Long Winter

25 March, 2011 Ken ChroniclesEveryday LifeParkview

Earlier this week, I saw the biggest snowflakes I had ever seen. No kidding — they were the size of half-dollars. It was beautiful, but enough is enough. I can hear the birds, and I went out once or twice without a jacket in between flurries. We still have a mound of ice on the […]



Paving the Yellow Brick Road

22 October, 2010 Ken ChroniclesParkview

Okay, it was more of a peach color, but the parts of this century old street that showed was really a simple pleasure to walk on. A few weeks ago, new street signs indicated a change in the alternate parking days, from 4pm Sundays and Wednesdays to 6pm Mondays and Thursdays.¬† The problem was they […]



Iron Chef

20 April, 2000 Ken ChroniclesEveryday Life

This was found in files in 2014, dated 4/20/2000 … this was my meal that¬†Merry and I prepared for “Iron Chef Night”. For a number of weeks, we taped (VHS) the original Iron Chef and had parties on Wednesdays (I believe) where we’d watch it, with every week being someone else’s turn to cook. This […]


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