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My Bastille

15 November, 2015 Ken Editorial & Discussion

If we do not grasp who our true abusers are, we do not understand why we are victims, or often know that we are victims at all. The sheep pens of humanity are filled with people who think they are victimizing and being victimized by each other. But they are not the source. They are the […]


Does Wanting to Cuddle Make Me a Creeper?

10 February, 2015 Ken Editorial & DiscussionPolitics, Economy, Science

The Cuddlr app came out for Android, but I still am not sure about it. Apparently it’s doomed to failure according to critics. Is it due to collective social awkwardness toward strangers and even friends? Or are we so touch-starved all around that holding hands or spooning is inseparable, in perception or reality, from sexual motives? […]


Journalizing the 219

3 September, 2014 Ken Editorial & Discussion

When the 219 resumed construction after all these years, I decided to capture it on film (figuratively these days). As I travelled to and from the farm so many times a year all those years, I captured their progress … building bridges and embankments, landscaping, machines, everything. Even what looked like a tree farm. Apparently, […]


I said it would change my life.

5 October, 2012 Ken Business & WorkEditorial & DiscussionEveryday Life

What I did cannot be accurately described as “buying a phone”.  In fact, I played with my Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket (S2) for several hours before thinking maybe I should use my “device” for calling someone.  In one fell swoop, I Freecycled my old phone, returned Bob’s camera on loan to me since who-knows-when, and retired my voice recorder. […]


Lottery Woes

7 July, 2012 Ken Editorial & DiscussionEveryday Life

Last Monday, I won two games of pool in a row (out of three) against one of the best pool players at the VA Recovery Center.  I joked that I should buy a lottery ticket.  Well, not really — later that day I did.  If it was my lucky day, though, it may be irrelevant as […]


You gotta love Socialism … or not.

27 December, 2010 Ken Editorial & DiscussionPolitics, Economy, Science

Excerped from an article linked from a forum I belong to: “[T]he division of the world into rival nation states, A BASIC CHARACTERISTIC OF CAPITALISM, stymies any rational and systematic international cooperation. ” {emphasis mine} It’s not only amazing when people quote editorials as authoritative, but when they are from a source so far from […]



25 September, 2009 Ken Editorial & DiscussionFamily & Personal

I read this in the DaDs (Dads & Daighters) newsletter … Can you pledge to have dinner with your family on September 25? That’s “Family Day – A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children.” My response … Call me old fashioned, but who else’s family WOULD you be having dinner with?  The very idea that […]



Email or not to Email

17 January, 2007 Ken Editorial & DiscussionPolitics, Economy, Science

I got the following email from someone: An unemployed man is desperate to support his family of a wife and three kids. He applies for a janitor’s job at a large firm and easily passes an aptitude test. The human resources manager tells him, “You will be hired at minimum wage of $5.35 an hour. […]



Wakeup Call Battlecry Leadership Summit

26 July, 2006 Ken Editorial & DiscussionReligion & Spirituality

From an email I received … Christianity in America will not survive another decade. How is that possible? At the current rate of evangelism, it is estimated that only 4% of this generation of teenagers will be Bible-believing Christians by the time they reach adulthood.34% of adults today are Evangelical believers. Imagine an America at […]



Funny Emails

17 May, 2006 Ken Editorial & Discussion

Sometimes I get ones worth re-telling. But I rarely flood my friend’s boxes with them by “passing them on” …



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