I feel like a stalker …

10 February, 2004 Ken Uncategorized

I’ve been reading the journal of the person who introduced me to LiveJournal, and although I wish people getting to know me would read through all my stuff, I almost feel invasive about it.

I mean, it’s like sharing times with someone when you didn’t even know them, and getting to know their friends without any of them even being aware of it. Even worse, it’s all bits and pieces, so there’s a fear of false familiarity, taking for granted that you may know all about someone, even the things they share here and there with the world, but don’t really have that mutual closeness that justifies feeling that way.

It’s kinda like someone you know having a pen pal and reading all their mail. I wonder how she feels about all this.

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3 Responses to “I feel like a stalker …”

  • Anonymous says:

    Re: hmmm indeed
    And YES, I do know about the privacy feature.
    It’s just that I’m not a very private person, and actually wish everyone knew at least a few of my innermost feelings and thoughts. My wife thinks it’s weird that I’m so open and free, but knew this when we got married, so there’s a no-return policy!
    Seriously, I see my journal as a potential way to get a lot of chit-chat out of the way so people who get to know me can focus on the parts of me that can less be described in words.
    And from reading your journal, I can already think of a million things I want to talk to you about tommorrow! Your microcosm of happiness on Earth, 5th dimension hugs, Odonata, Hawaii & Oz — you name it. Since we have to get up so early for the train, maybe a pajama party is in order …

  • Anonymous says:

    Re: hmmm indeed
    hmmmm … chastized a bit.
    I’m releived you feel that way, and suspectesd you would, but when you first showed me your journal, you seemed a bit shy about some of the content I may potentially read in it, and I never take anything for granted.
    With me, it’s sort of like always being the kind of guy who would ask permission to hold a girl’s hand, even if I was sure she wouldn’t mind.
    And I will hopefully not overstep the bounds of courtesy to refer to you directly in my journal.
    Example: peacevine is awesome, and I love reading her journal, especially michele’s pics of their road trip!

  • peacevine says:

    hmmm indeed
    so, you wonder, do you?
    Usually, my invitation to someone to read my “journal” means they are fully welcomed to read it. It’s true, I do not put everything in there- it’s mostly meant for me to remember where my mind was at the time and lately it’s become a way to let my close friends know what’s going on so they don’t miss me too much (though it means I end up missing them more)- so it doesn’t have much of the background info that really made me into the wacko I am today…but!
    it’s some of the most truthful stuff I have written in a long time and I don’t mind if people know the truth about me, so I feel much better about you knowing who I am from me as opposed to some other source.
    And I must confess I look through other peoples journals too.
    (oh, and if you would like more privacy than I do, there are some otions for that in the entry update page, if you didn’t already notice)
    so welcome to LJ!
    long comment, huh?
    see you tomorrow?

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