Puzzled — NOT (one more note I forgot)

15 February, 2004 Ken Uncategorized

At my BNI meeting, I got my prize for completing a puzzle A not-so-shameless plug for Key Bank first. People were betting on my friend Jon Powers, a plumber who has an engineering degree. He bet on me. Sure enough, I got it first, then him. Some people are sill trying to figure it out. Always had a thing for spacial relations … in fact, the only reason I didn’t finish it almost immediately is because I wanted to try it without really looking at one that was already done (the sample in front of the person holding the contest.)

Woohoo! It’s actually a nice prize — a mini insulated cooler with a water bottle, blanket, and pocket(s). It’ll be great for camping and going to the beach. We’ll probably even use it going to the farm.

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