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I just discovered that my rubber chicken is rotting away in the spare room — I threw it out. Iron Circle records from ages ago … eeehhh … I’ll keep them a little longer. AMVETted a bunch of stuff already. Gave Mike a phone, folders to Brian, yadda, yadda. It isn’t so much that I can’t do it all in time. It’s that I feel somehow demoralized not knowing where the stuff is going to go and when. And I plan to have the desk and computer upstairs by the end of the weekend. AND I have to paint an apartment, which I just found out has wallpaper. The last wall I stripped took more than a couple hours. Getting REAL tired of that. I haven’t let my duties slide here as manager, but the only extra mile I’m willing to go anymore is doing things that will make my job easier.

I am not unhappy overall, just in a sucky mood. To blow off steam, I spent a few hours doing a jigsaw puzzle. The cats got to it before I could take a picture. Merry rebuilt it, but does the world need one more archived picture of a cats-and-teddy-bear-at-christmas puzzle? At least all the pieces are there so I can donate it to AMVETS.

Skipping the farm this week to get all this done. I am just stressed enough to cry.