Attention all Bush-Haters …

30 July, 2004 Ken Uncategorized

I was on the fence about this election,

Then something changed my mind. I saw “Sunday’s Boondocks” cartoon against Bush, with it’s plea implying obvious common sense. Then I listened to exerps from the Democratic convention on NPR, which is considered to the left although I think they are pretty straightforward. I heard Clinton, Al Sharpton, et alia speak. And something snapped.

No way in hell am I not voting for Bush. I don’t care if he’s the anti-christ of right-wing conspiricies. When everything the other party says is repeating inuendo and insinuation until somehow it becomes fact, it’s time to say good-bye to modern liberalism. I saw this repeat-until-it’s-common-knowledge going on throughout the Clinton administration and he (they) was (were) guilty of far worse crimes than starting a presidential oral tradition. The left has NOTHING on Bush. I dare anyone prove me otherwise. I’ve looked and listened with an open mind, only to find garbage. I’m sure some of it is true, but I CAN’T FIND ANY RATIONAL REASON to beleive so. Insinuations based on being a Gore loser? Heard enough. Heresay from wacked out conspiricy web sites doesn’t count. People with extreme agendas … don’t wate your time telling me.

When the UN (and everyone lese) says an undeniably hostile regime has unaccounted weapons of mass destruction and somehow that means “Bush Lied”, that makes you a MORON. If you think after an amazing economic recovery from 911 and the Dot-Bomb Bubble Burst (due to tax cuts that worked exactly as planned), that outsourcing and gas prices (which are hot high at all considering long-term tends) are somehow Bush’s fault, YOU ARE A MORON. Homeland security needs help? I don’t recall being shot at by terrorists recently. Color-coded alerts don’t hurt my bottom line or consumer confidence. I sleep fine at night KNOWING what’s going on, and don’t know a single soul whose rights were actually harmed by the Patriot Act. Only theoretical, hypothetical cases. If if there were some in real life, it wouldn’t be any different from what goes on without the Act.

But outsourcing and gas prices? Is that the best you can do???????

But you don’t care. If you keep repeating to yourself and everyone you know that Bush lied about this and that (and I can’t think of a thing he actually lied about with any logic or proof whatsoever, unlike the Clintons who were just the opposite), people will be swayed like sheep, But I for one am too damn wise to swallow all the horseshit coming out of the once-sane left. I thought the right were supposed to be the bad guys, with their supposedly evil personal gains and tendency toward totalitarianism. I feared martial law after 911. It would have made perfect sense and no one would have questioned Bush. His decision to temper the force of law speaks for itself, regardless of the evils (yet to be shown to me by anyone who has actually read it) of the Patriot Act.

So he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. So there are the usual business deals and benefits to military conflict. Haliburton can have their share and give America a few extra jobs for our trouble. So he screwed up (MAYBE) on terrorism like every other president since Reagan. September 11th was a surprise to all of us around the world. But you think the Iraqis give a crap about “Blood for Oil”? They’re FREE NOW and GRATEFUL. And some of you think that the war was about Islam. Go read a book.

For once, we are on the offensive against evil in the world and I don’t care who gets the payoff. A lot of things are finally being done that should have been done years ago, with wisdom that has somehow escaped the mind of previous leaders. Everything is more in an upturn in this country than I ever remember it, and every criticism I have heard is nothing more than grasping at straws by using smoke and mirrors on public opinion.

So please, put a sock in it.

Do it for me.

Do it for the children.

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2 Responses to “Attention all Bush-Haters …”

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m going to say something intelligent and honest here …
    I don’t know.
    I heard that, too. But I don’t beleive what I hear. And if he waffles on every side to keep everybody voting for him, how would that make him different from any other politician?
    Maybe he does it more than some.
    Maybe people hate Bush because he tends NOT to.
    All I know is that Kerry seems to rub some dems/liberals the wrong way because he has consistently sided WITH the war in Iraq.
    But what’s all this “Kerry will win the war in Iraq” bullshit being shouted? EXCUSE ME, the war was over weeks after it started with amazingly minimal loss of life. Anyone who is calling rebels and terrorist atacks there a continuing “war” needs to get a grip on something other than themselves. More grasping at straws to make Bush look less than exemplary.

  • angryavatar says:

    i heard kerry flip-flops, confirm/deny

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