Another even more wonderful day …

15 August, 2004 Ken Uncategorized

Folk mass outside at my church, and I used my bullhorn yet again to help them balance the sound system output. It was great to sing folk music again, and everything went well except for some feedback from the lecturn and priest mics.

Then we went to the fair and just had a lovely time. Having enough cash to not count pennies spent for once, I was cathartic after wandering without a care, buying a few items and snacks, and catching Zoppe’s “dog and pony show” circus, which was awesome. I bought Mer a stuffed pony, and she cried.

I can’t wait to go again with Chrissie and other friends over the course of the week.

Oh, and I got to use the bullhorn as the Fisher Park PA System when I got home to get people to move their cars for tree trimming in the morning. All is well in the world. Will dream sweet dreams of friends I miss tonight, I’m sure.

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3 Responses to “Another even more wonderful day …”

  • angryavatar says:

    Re: So what you’re implying is that …
    Jesus, lighten up. I was using a literary device called “humor” to contrast our experience of the day’s events.
    It actually wasn’t that great of an evening for me, really. Toward the end it was kind of a pain in the ass, as I really hadn’t meant to drink that much (though I was far from “wasted”) and had waste time sitting around sobering up before I felt comfortable driving.
    Hey, maybe I should tell that story in my LiveJournal

  • Anonymous says:

    So what you’re implying is that …
    … one of us will cherish their memory of this day longer than the other? Whom would that be?
    Oh, and the chick doing stunts riding on the horse in the ring WAS hot … and built like a woman should be built — not some scrawny cosmo-barbie clone.

  • angryavatar says:

    i got wasted and hung out with hot chicks at a rock concert
    but going to church and the pony show sounded awesome, it really did, i’m sorry i missed it

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