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I bought a dress for my daughter yesterday at the McKinley Mall. It was cute, pink, and was even a decent length, as in it actually covered more than a couple inches of her thighs. And it made her lok her age — the first one she tried on, a strapless purple one, was not at all something a litle girl would wear. And I know she’s not a little girl anymore, but she’s still MY little girl. I made a clumsy comment about her “looking all grown up” along with the compulsory lump in throat and all. You dads with daughters out there know what I mean. Anyway, she really wanted the pink one and was going to come back later for it, so I just bought it for her on the spot. Used to justifying purchases to me, I let her know that I understood she didn’t need a reason to wear it any particular number of times — a girl just needs a dress sometimes wether she gets to wear it or not, and (gulp) that’s okay.