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A sore throat yesterday is now a nasty sore throat that’s starting to make me feel like .
It’s mostly post-nasal drip draining past my tonsils into my stomach, making me have to swallow and “burp” all night. I’ll be realy bent if I’m not better by Saturday. I hope I can make the farm tomorrow.

Anyway, I went shopping with my daughter last evening at Target and she made me check out by myself because one of the items was a bra. Saving her the embarassment of potentially being noticed by a “creepy” cashier, I chose a young femal cashier, but she still ran away. So, I had to assure the young lady the pink thing wasn’t for me, but for an invisible daughter I claimed was hiding behind some corner of the entranceway.

On a last note, I got to see Shaolin Soccer the other day, whcih was horrible in a I’m-having-a-great-time-watching-it-and-would-watch-it-again sort of way. That was the consensus with me and Jeff, and you’d have to watch it to understand. I really ned to put a movie review archive online.