Holy Sh*t! I’m an ISP!

5 November, 2004 Ken Uncategorized

You heard me right …

I am a full-fledged dialup service provider with toll-free coverage across every inch of the United States and Canada.

My first edict as king is the creation of the $100 Dialup. $100 = unlimited access for 1 year.

I’ve been waiting for something more everyday consumer-oriented to come into my life, and this is a perfect addendum to my existing business. I am truly eager and optimistic to see how it goes. In fact, just hours after I was given a temporary trial dialup as a potential wholesale virtual ISP, someone called from seeing my name in a phonebook (must have been an OLD one) and ordered service on the spot! Sign from God? I have been praying for something like this for a long time.

Peace out – I need some sleep from this excitingly stressful week.

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2 Responses to “Holy Sh*t! I’m an ISP!”

  • Anonymous says:

    Not my fault.
    Everything with the link is absolutely perfect without question. There is some kind of serverside redirect that needs to be fixed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    God, computers are infinitely stupid.

  • angryavatar says:

    Now you just have to get the “Hosting” link on your front page to actually go somewhere, and you’ll be just like a real business!

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