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So let’s drop the subject. No matter who wins, they are our leaders and we accept that. If you can’t accept the outcome, they why did you vote? So many people miss this one point of the democratic process.

Anyway, only my wife knows who I voted for, and my votes for different positions crossed a lot of party lines. As for the presidency, it was a near toss-up between Bush-Haliburtin, Badnarik (Libertarian) and a write-in for someone I know personally who said he was unofficially running. Sorry folks, Kerry was not an option for me, although he would have made a fine Vice-President to balance out a Republican president if Bush Wins. And even though Kerry is almost assuredly going to win in New York, I voted my conscience, and I must live with the decision as much as the next guy.

Whomever wins, I’m sure it wil be amusing who tries to steal the election with lawyers and recounts this time. I heard they’re already geared up on both sides in Ohio. I will pay attention, and evaluate it carefully, so my own children and grandchildren will REALLY know what happened and not what the papers and eventual textbooks will say. And if Bush wins, I remember all the accusations of what will “assuredly happen” in a second term (a draft, et.alia), and as it says in Deuteronomy, you shall know false prophets by their prophesies coming to pass. I for one will remember all the crap slung from all sides and rub it in people’s faces no matter who wins. After all, I’m a philosopher – that’s my job.