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Got my seconds shot for COVID-19 inoculation (Pfizer) at Roswell Park, Merry and her father getting theirs in Henrietta soon. We’ve done our best to stay out of crowds most of the time this last year and may have saved a few extra lives in the process.

I just have not been on my game the last few weeks. A lot of web projects paying the bills lately, but almost no progress in writing. I gave up the notion of the “Everyday Justice” book for now in favor of low-hanging fruit — a post-COVID edition of “Webmastering the Craft” but with a more marketable name. My target was my birthday but backed it off to St. John’s Day (the solstice).

This is also the year I discovered suspenders. I had a couple of pairs but hardly ever worse them — they were too loose or wouldn’t stay clasped. Merry bought me some that hold better and modified with clips the ones that didn’t. It’s surprisingly satisfying walking around without one hand unnecessarily dedicated to holding up belted pants.

Making calls to classmates as a volunteer for the D’Youville Class of ’91. The few I reach, with rare exception, don’t keep in touch with other classmates. The ones I reconnected with on Facebook are mostly from the following class year. Reunions just aren’t a big thing at D’Youville, at least in my experience of those times I did make it. They are neat events but it’s rare to have more than one or two people from any given class, and most go unrepresented altogether. It’s also not quite the same institution I remember. They’ve taken over half the neighborhood with buildings and are basically a university now.

Cannabis is now legal. I’ve never had much interest in use, except maybe botanically, and of course the decriminalization of such a ridiculous excuse for incarceration of the masses. I find the smell of it from pleasant to a bit nasty, apparently due to difference in quality. But like a sip of wine, I might just imbibe at the next social gathering. My birthday is within a few days of 4/20, after all.