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I’ve been meaning to have my own podcast for some time, at the prodding of others who apparently don’t think what I say is a waste of words. A year ago I wasn’t even sure what it was or how to do it, but recently I was interviewed for the first time in one — the Meet, Act, and Part podcast. They got three times the usual engagement on it.

I’ve been procrastinating on having my own until I threw my back out last week. So much for bike riding. Convalescing even from sitting in a chair most of the day was rough, but it forced me to think more about moving forward in my life. Also putting my resurgence into Minecraft on hold and curbing other displacement activities (or channeling them into productive ones more accurately), I was more productive the last day or two than many previous weeks combined. And I decided on some things.

First, If I have an email newsletter, it will not be for “Some White Guy’s Book”, nor will it be for all of Amorphous Publishing Guild. It will be for me as an author AND podcaster, blogger, etc.. From there I can cross-promote any other author’s newsletters, etc. if they choose to have one associated with APG.

Secondly, my podcast will focus on intellectual discussion as I enjoy most — meta context, reasoning skills, imaginative approaches, and ethical analysis. I originally named it “KenVille Plus”, which Mer thought was too self-aggrandizing. I will be tying all my pursuits into KenVille.Net – something I really need to reorganize and modernize – and I really am my own brand as Life Artist (philosopher) in the end, but I see her point. Inspired by rereading Hannah Arendt’s “The Human Condition”, I’m calling it “Contemplation in Action”. And as I don’t find podcasts of someone just talking appealing, I will make all of them discussions, using guests as sounding boards and partners in thought experiments.