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About Ken

Where should I start?  I’m many things to many people, but in the end, I’m just Ken.

If you know me, it could be from St. Mary’s High School, D’Youville College, Tai Chi, various churches and clubs, cult research, or through my business or writings online.  In that respect, I’m sometimes like the elephant described by different blind men, but once you get to know me, I am very much distinctly, undeniably, myself.

This blog is my personal journal, started many years ago at the encouragement of my friend Jes whom I met on the farm I spend a few days a month on, Native Offerings in East Otto.  Being a web developer for years, spending time online was a bus-man’s holiday for quite a while, but I warmed up to it (before social media took off) thanks to a few addictive sites, games, and video channels.  I also spent countless hours investigating cults, and through the Internet, found and participated in the Anonymous Movement.

Family means a lot to me, but I don’t discuss it in detail because I’m the only one who has no sense of privacy.  My daughter is grown, and I live happily in my own house, running my own business, married even more happily to my own wife.  My long-term goals are various education and writing projects and just plain being happy.

I’m an intellectual — there’s no denying that — but in spite of the limitations of the medium, am expressive and in touch with my feelings more than I admit.  I am both flexible and centered spiritually, and try to help others trying to find a similar balance, sometimes even when they don’t want it and I should know better.  As an interfaith minister and life-long student of world religions, I’m able to fill in the spaces for people who don’t have formal access to a church, and for those couples and families of mixed faith traditions.

Like I said, I’m a lot of things to a lot of people.  But in the end, I’m just Ken.