Miscellaneous Nails and Screws

23 March, 2022 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalWoodworking & Other Projects

It’s been a few days since my Father-in-law passed away, and for the first time, I was allowed to go into his basement “inner sanctum”. It’s the magical place from whence came all sorts of built things over the years, including some hand-me-down tools and such. And of course, there were oh-so-many clock parts. He […]


Father Gary

7 January, 2022 Ken ChroniclesFamily & Personal

I almost forgot about him, but not in my heart. Whenever I look at the tiny framed artwork of the Madonna in silver that he gave me, I think of him. Father Gary Kibler was one of my teachers in high school, but much more than that. I was an assistant of sorts in that […]


Well into Autumn

2 November, 2021 Ken Business & WorkChroniclesEveryday Life

I was going to name this post “A Year Without Halloween” but that seemed too negative. It did make me a bit sad, especially when someone came to our door by mistake. Due to a cash crunch, we couldn’t afford candy, and there are hardly any kids coming out anyway. We didn’t even decorate, except […]


Beekeeping and Joywalking

20 October, 2021 Ken ChroniclesEveryday Life

I have no idea if this is Indian Summer, late Summer, or a mild Autumn. Such labels apply here less than ever it seems. But the bees in our first backyard hive have really ramped up their honey production this last month or so, mostly from “flute-plant” (knot-weed, which I thought my apiarist mentor David […]


College Reunion

8 October, 2021 Ken Chronicles

I believe I went to my 10th reunion for D’Youville College and I was the only one representing my class. Other than that, I only went to donor’s Masses (most years) and the occasional tea. But this year I actually volunteered to reach out to my classmates, and my wife and I attended a handful […]


Podcasting, Part 2

24 August, 2021 Ken Everyday Life

My Podcast, Contemplation in Action, is up and running with an introductory episode and one on bees and beekeeping (“The Bee Side”) with David Newman. The introduction (“Episode 0: What and Why”) was done with Paul Chernogorec, who in turn had me on his first podcast recording the other day. It was on the topic […]



14 July, 2021 Ken Everyday Life

I’ve been meaning to have my own podcast for some time, at the prodding of others who apparently don’t think what I say is a waste of words. A year ago I wasn’t even sure what it was or how to do it, but recently I was interviewed for the first time in one — […]


Back in the Saddle?

14 June, 2021 Ken ChroniclesFamily & Personal

Apart from a few small forays, I haven’t done any serious biking for almost 35 years. Merry has had trouble with her feet lately but discovered she could ride without trouble. A further discovery that her bike was too small prompted purchase of a bike that fits properly. That was a hint that perhaps mine […]


Almost Out of the Woods

13 April, 2021 Ken Business & WorkEveryday Life

Got my seconds shot for COVID-19 inoculation (Pfizer) at Roswell Park, Merry and her father getting theirs in Henrietta soon. We’ve done our best to stay out of crowds most of the time this last year and may have saved a few extra lives in the process. I just have not been on my game […]


The Next Generation

1 February, 2021 Ken Family & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

Some of our best conversations throuhgout the years have been in the car. Just before seeing my daughter’s new apartment, we talked about her exploration of various spiritual traditions, not just philosophically, but in practice. I told her I had two things to say to that: first, that there are many pitfalls along such paths; […]


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