Cemetery Tribute

21 January, 2019 Ken Family & PersonalUncategorized

{Sent to my step-family in Arizona to read at the graveside service for my Father} My feelings and admiration for my Father have never been a secret kept from him or anyone. There was never a time when he wasn’t my hero, my role model as a human being, a man, and a husband and […]


Go fly a kite? Okay.

23 September, 2014 Ken Uncategorized

Sunday, I finally went kite flying. It’s been a couple years, maybe more. I still feel the burn. I don’t remember it ever being that physical. I wore the white Kung Fu top with green piping I was saving for just such an occasion, with my “noisy pants” Merry hates so much, that I discovered […]


Q&A About My Marriage

28 August, 2014 Ken Uncategorized

{I found these in my notes (8/12/1998), but I don’t recall the context … it was just obvious they were¬†my answers.} How did meeting her change your life? She’s was the ideal mate since we met, though I didn’t realize it right away. I had a lot of emotional baggage at that time, and she […]


A More than Fair Fair

25 August, 2014 Ken Uncategorized

Around 1.2 million people were there this year — a record. And it was the first time in years the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra attended, on Vet’s Day. The parade was just after mid-day, then I worked the Masonic ID Program, then met up with Merry for the free concert, with a patriotic theme and fireworks, […]


Pirates and Jedis and I

27 July, 2014 Ken Uncategorized

I didn’t participate much in Star Wars Bison’s Night this year, but I got free tickets to the Pirate’s Night because I made a graphic for the video presentation. But on an odd note, someone posted on Facebook a picture of me they found in a friend’s son’s scrap book. Seriously. As a Jedi. It […]


Holding onto Paper, Data

8 May, 2014 Ken Uncategorized

I’ve been somewhat briskly digitizing old files in my drawer and filing cabinet. It’s funny how even old insurance¬†bills for a car I had years ago wells up sentiment. Nothing in particular, just the general psychological cling to the past being remembered. The business records are easier to scan and toss, and I’ve even tossed […]


“Lake Effect Blizzard of 2014”

7 January, 2014 Ken Uncategorized

Sometimes there’s a house across the street, sometimes it’s uncertain. Wind chill? My mailbox is attached to the house on the front porch and I’m probably not going to get dressed head to toe just to check it. Pajamas, bacon chowder, call my Dad, catch up on blogging. Maybe take down some Christmas decorations now […]


Space: 1999

29 December, 2013 Ken Uncategorized

I used to watch [[Space: 1999]] as a child and it inspired some of my earliest sci-fi fantasies. At about 6 years old, I crushed on Barbara Bain, and even wrote her a letter, the response of which, lip stick and all, was probably ghost-written by my mom. A few years later, around 8th Grade, […]


Gericho Loop

13 October, 2013 Ken Uncategorized

I actually dreamed about this. Literally. In my dream, I was talking to a client who wanted me to do something for them they heard about — taking a website viewer somewhere else to do something before going to the target of a link. They said it was all the rage. Apart from advertising interstitials, […]


A Week Without Facebook

9 August, 2013 Ken Uncategorized

I posed the question of being on Facebook too much — on Facebook. Someone said if I wanted to know if I was addicted to it, I should just quit it for a week. So I did. No blood pact or promise or fanfare or proclamation. I just stopped outright visiting. I still had Foursquare […]


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