May Its Spirit Fly

22 July, 2013 Ken Uncategorized

A baby bird passed away today. Merry was trying to nurse it to health, feeding it baby food with a syringe. It didn’t seem to have its eyes opened, and never unfurled its wings. We buried it respectfully in the landscaping of the pond I was working on. I will always remember its body is […]


Kung Fu, Pies, and a Haggus

29 January, 2012 Ken Uncategorized

It was a three-party Saturday like no other.  Red Dragon brought in the Chinese New Year with their usual Lion Dance  and Demo at McKinley Mall.  I led the parade as crowd control as usual, dressed in my wedding outfit.  The lion players seemed better trained than most years.  I also go to meet a […]


LiveJournal Imported!

13 July, 2010 Ken Uncategorized

I just imported all my LiveJournal posts from when I started blogging back in February 2004.  New posts here are automatically added there, but otherwise I don’t use it except for nostalgia.  The number of entries was actually a bit mind-boggling …


Another Test Entry

15 November, 2009 Ken Business & WorkUncategorized

This one is generated by the “BlogDesk” client I’m experimenting with to manage multiple blogs. {edited for testing}


Yes, I would live there, even in Russia.

4 August, 2009 Ken Uncategorized

I love this house (link) … at least the outside.  It would be like living in a Disney dream.  So how could someone be such a sour puss in that one photo?


The Nigerian Invasion

17 July, 2009 Ken Business & WorkUncategorized

I have never gotten more “Nigerian Scam” emails in nearly any year as these last few days.  Seriously, are there that many stupid people to make it worth their while?  We need to make it a crime to fall for scams if we can’t take out the criminals.  And then apply it to spam — if […]


The Moon Landing gets a “George Lucas”?

17 July, 2009 Ken Uncategorized

http://uk.news.yahoo.com/22/20090716/tsc-uk-nasa-tapes-sb-a337f0f.html I wonder if there will be more spaceships.  Maybe a few dewbacks?  I just hope they don’t have Hayden Christensen coming out from Armstrong’s space suit when they get back to Earth.


A Year Goes By Fast … Without A Book

6 January, 2009 Ken Uncategorized

I recently got an “aniversary” reminder from Outskirts Press that it had been a year since I signed up.  And I’m no closer to finishing and publishing any of the books I’ve planned since that time. {sigh}


Gas Prices are Awesome!

19 November, 2008 Ken Everyday LifePolitics, Economy, ScienceUncategorized

$2.50/gallon yesterday and falling another dime today.  Probably less than what I was paying when I first started driving 20 years ago (Adjusted for inflation, of course).  And now the barrel is supposed to drop under $40?  Must be the fault of those greedy oil execs everyone is always talking about, LOL.


Climate Change – Politics versus Science, Again

16 November, 2008 Ken Politics, Economy, ScienceUncategorized

More of the same. It’s a curse having a philosophy degree, seeing clearly yet being able to do little about nonsense in the greater world of mass sentiment. The frustration comes from knowing the difference between accepted opinions and emotional please on one side, scientific data and rational arguments on the other … when Gore […]


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