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I’ve been somewhat briskly digitizing old files in my drawer and filing cabinet. It’s funny how even old insurance bills for a car I had years ago wells up sentiment. Nothing in particular, just the general psychological cling to the past being remembered. The business records are easier to scan and toss, and I’ve even tossed some things without scanning, but some of it is admittedly frivolous to hold onto.

I also found a lot of neat things, such as people’s fill-out sheets for my “Netizen” community I was setting up — years before MySpace. I also found scribblings and signs by Christina for a business fair back in 2004. She’s been good not to grab and stash stuff, considering hoardishness seems to be genetic.

But folder by folder, inch by inch, all the paper is going away, reused, recycled, destroyed, however. And ZoomCopy assured me they’d have the filing cabinet from Fisher Park digitized in full by the end of the year after all this time. I probably could have gotten rid of a lot of that before handing it to them as well, but whatever. My soul feels lighter already.

2014-05-08 18.02.36