The “Second Half”

12 May, 2019 Ken Business & WorkChroniclesEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalGames & GamingParkview

Working up to my 50th birthday, I decided to stop digitizing the rest of my old files — if anything was that important, I would have done it by now. It’s not a lot, just enough to add to the filing cabinet, which uses far less drawers worth of stuff than it used to. Between […]


“Relentless Arctic Attack”

21 November, 2014 Ken ChroniclesEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalParkview

That’s what the news was calling the nation-wide pre-winter storms, and the news has been on almost constantly for the last four days. I can only laugh. The images and time-lapse of the front moving in were amazing, the amount of snow record-breaking (nationally, with 74 inches falling in 24 hours) and then a second […]


Christmas in July?

23 July, 2014 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalParkview

Last Sunday, I had a party, “Ken’s Summer Backyard Get-Together Luau Party Bash Shindig”. The description: “Kinda like Christmas in July, but the presents are food and good company. A holiday for framily, facebook friends, business associates, tai chi students, and wandering vagabonds. May involve extreme s’mores after sundown. Alcohol optional, kid-friendly, and games possibly.” […]


Garlic, Take Two

27 October, 2013 Ken Parkview

Just planted four cloves, barely under the dirt and covered by a thick layer of used guinea pig shavings. As per a friend’s advice (Russell, the father-in-law of the current head of my lodge, and a WWII vet), I meant to plant them closer to Columbus Day, but got side-tracked. It’s been a very raining […]


(Not) The Last Year

22 December, 2012 Ken Business & WorkEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalParkview

The Mayans didn’t see it coming, and neither did I. I had a mid-life crisis (sort of, I think), and a record year in Kentropolis. I have a phone that is practically a tri-corder, a new kitten (very possibly the cutest in the world, and the reincarnation of LadyBug), and wearing a tuxedo on a […]



12 August, 2012 Ken Business & WorkEveryday LifeParkviewPhotography

The last couple weeks I’ve gotten a lot of stuff done — doing projects one after another, checking off house chore lists, and tonight I reached the rare goal of an empty Outlook inbox.  However, I had to cancel a service day for Earth 2 Mouth because I didn’t get around to coordinating it early […]


Too Many Commitments?

16 June, 2012 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalParkviewWoodworking & Other Projects

Now might not have been the best time to start a block club.  I already accepted the position of [[Tyler (Masonic)|Tyler]] at the Lodge, and although it does not involve duties beyond being a doorman at meetings, it further ensures I must be there at nearly all functions.  AND I now belong to the [[Order […]


Our First Greehouse … In My Office

31 March, 2012 Ken Everyday LifeParkview

Merry found a great deal on a covered, 4-shelf rack greenhouse.  I immediately went out and got it (at Big Lots), along with some potting soil.  We went through our seeds and bought some others — we’re starting tomatoes, peppers, sunflowers, and various other flowers, some of which we will use at the cemetery in […]


Rethinking My Desire for the Small Town

31 January, 2012 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalParkview

While in one of our road trip chats recently, my daughter told the tale of how she spent some time back in the old neighborhood in South Buffalo.  It surprised her how little things have changed.  It wasn’t just the landmarks, but the same people doing the same things, saying the same things, and dating among the […]


Blizzard and Books

19 November, 2011 Ken Everyday LifeParkview

I was caught in a blizzard in Springville yesterday, coming back from working on the farm and buying eggs from the Amish.  At first, it was just heavy snow, then a beautiful twilight, then driving 25 mph on the 219.  When I got back and stopped in Wegmans to get a fruit smoothie to my […]


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