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Just planted four cloves, barely under the dirt and covered by a thick layer of used guinea pig shavings. As per a friend’s advice (Russell, the father-in-law of the current head of my lodge, and a WWII vet), I meant to plant them closer to Columbus Day, but got side-tracked. It’s been a very raining late summer, and we just ripped out the last of the plants, harvesting the remainder of green tomatoes and such. The frost has been nominal, but it’s really at that point.

I got the starter bulb of garlic from Russell, who had also just shared his growing secrets with his grandson. The last time we planted garlic, it was in the spring using discounted leftover cloves. I suspect these will turn out much better, and to propagate them expansively over the upcoming years (and my wife will gladly use all she can get), remembering the cherished advice and the person who gave it.

Sometimes, I’d rather learn things the old way, from people how know rather than just people who blog.