The Buffum House

8 October, 2011 Ken Parkview

This year I’ve gotten involved in restoration of the oldest house in South Buffalo, the “Buffum House” on the next block.  I built a website (yet to be used) and did some outside painting.  I’ve also started reading a pile of historical materials loaned to me by Matt Fisher, Councilman Kearn’s assistant.  I had no […]


Sushi … the Next Step

18 September, 2011 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalParkview

Didn’t take a picture, but here’s the receipt from my sushi-making adventure last night at Bob & Susan’s (his wife and mine were watching Doctor Who while Bob taught me how to make sushi).  Merry is still concerned over my ideas to make breakfast sushi, desert sushi, and fruit-filled sushi in general.  Today probably calmed […]


Wayside Restaurant

10 September, 2011 Ken Everyday LifeParkview

We’d eaten there before and I learned about it from my friend Bob Hubbard, but when Mer and I went out yesterday, a decision was made.  This was our spot.  She had liver and onions and the chicken and lumpy mashed potatoes made me wonder if the chef was my grandmother reincarnated. Our life before […]


Bikes, Block Party, and a Bad Cold

19 August, 2011 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalParkview

Merry bought us mountain bikes, which are consistent with the state of Buffalo’s streets.  It was cheaper than fixing up her old one for a much more advanced design — I never had one with shock absorvers before!  We started biking most evenings for a few days and then it hit — oppressive humidity.  It […]


Summer Update

14 July, 2011 Ken Business & WorkEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalParkviewWoodworking & Other Projects

We had very little Spring, fast-forwarding into Summer, with humidity high enough to not breathe well and hide in my (air conditioned) office or the basement for most of the day.  I finally finished the deck staining.  This time we let it dry for many days, but that is why it didn’t get done sooner.  […]


Parkview Private Library, Phase I

14 July, 2011 Ken ParkviewWoodworking & Other Projects

Ever since we decided to buy the house, we also decided that the living room would become our library.  And so it was — the old entertainment center and the three upright bookshelf towers from our former bedroom did the job … sort of.  We just needed more space, even after putting up long shelves near the […]


Two Holidays and a Funeral

26 March, 2011 Ken ChroniclesEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalParkview

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day really, and in any given week we could be broke and not able to do anything anyways.  But I was inspired. There was some story on the radio of a couple that meet each other Valentine’s Day cards. Apparently, merry was inspired as well, as she made me one. I’ve […]


A Long Winter

25 March, 2011 Ken ChroniclesEveryday LifeParkview

Earlier this week, I saw the biggest snowflakes I had ever seen. No kidding — they were the size of half-dollars. It was beautiful, but enough is enough. I can hear the birds, and I went out once or twice without a jacket in between flurries. We still have a mound of ice on the […]


Old Furnace, New Furnace

8 February, 2011 Ken Everyday LifeParkview

Thursday night, our furnace started making noise without making any heat. It’s may have done that once or twice before, and turning it on and off fixed the problem. Not anymore. I called an associate from the Professional and Businessmen’s Association, Robert Nowak of R. A. Nowak Heating and Air Conditioning, who came over almost […]


2010 Recap

1 January, 2011 Ken Business & WorkEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalParkviewPhotography

The big event this year in my life was the passing of LadyBug.  It hit me a lot harder than I would have imagined, and still does.  I did a lot more writing this year, almost all blogging based on Facebook discussions, which I spent quite a bit of time on.  As written earlier, I […]


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