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Miscellaneous Nails and Screws

23 March, 2022 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalWoodworking & Other Projects

It’s been a few days since my Father-in-law passed away, and for the first time, I was allowed to go into his basement “inner sanctum”. It’s the magical place from whence came all sorts of built things over the years, including some hand-me-down tools and such. And of course, there were oh-so-many clock parts. He […]


A Very Long Year

20 September, 2020 Ken Business & WorkEditorial & DiscussionEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalPolitics, Economy, ScienceWoodworking & Other Projects

Dinner with friends on the back deck Friday — Mer and I, cousin George, Jeff and Mike. It was a soothing evening with perfect weather between some seriously hot days recently and suddenly cold ones. Topped it off with just Jeff and us two with an episode of “Lower Decks”. That’s the way I’d like […]


The Bee is the Thing

19 April, 2014 Ken Woodworking & Other Projects

This is the second time I’ve dreamt of bees this week. The two queens (5-frame nucs to be precise) we ordered are about a month out, and the clock is ticking on getting hives ready, one reclaimed from the abandoned boxes, and one new from a retired carpenter who is taking up bees himself. Okay, […]


Yes, I’m Adjusting and I’m Trainable

15 June, 2013 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalWoodworking & Other Projects

I wrote about my one last visit to Christina at college a Saturday in April, but didn’t mention I especially liked picking up one of harmonicas lying around to collaborate in a random jam session with Christina and a friend. If I ever learn violin, Merry will demand a banjo and we’ll have plenty of […]


Keyboard Desk

16 June, 2012 Ken Woodworking & Other Projects

Mike asked me to make a keyboard desk for him.  Apparently he just wanted something utilitarian that wouldn’t fall apart.  Apparently he didn’t know who he was asking to make it.  I also figured I suck at birthdays and such, and wanted to do something nice for him. I built it with an adjustable angle […]


Too Many Commitments?

16 June, 2012 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalParkviewWoodworking & Other Projects

Now might not have been the best time to start a block club.  I already accepted the position of [[Tyler (Masonic)|Tyler]] at the Lodge, and although it does not involve duties beyond being a doorman at meetings, it further ensures I must be there at nearly all functions.  AND I now belong to the [[Order […]


The Beginning of the Year

9 January, 2012 Ken Family & PersonalWoodworking & Other Projects

I’ve closed my archives for 2011 after reorganizing some of the old photo albums, and am just waiting for some paperwork to complete my business books for the year.  The Little Christmas party was one of the best ever according to many, and did not pass without some home-made gifts, such as crocheted scarves, slippers, […]


Halloween toward Thanksgiving

6 November, 2011 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalWoodworking & Other Projects

I almost went to a Samhain celebration, but couldn’t get Mer to come with me.  Maybe next year.  However, we did have the trick-or-treat get-together at our place again this year (Merry didn’t have to work late), and the context results were different this year.  Sure, Di won AGAIN, but this time instead of a […]


Summer Update

14 July, 2011 Ken Business & WorkEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalParkviewWoodworking & Other Projects

We had very little Spring, fast-forwarding into Summer, with humidity high enough to not breathe well and hide in my (air conditioned) office or the basement for most of the day.  I finally finished the deck staining.  This time we let it dry for many days, but that is why it didn’t get done sooner.  […]


Parkview Private Library, Phase I

14 July, 2011 Ken ParkviewWoodworking & Other Projects

Ever since we decided to buy the house, we also decided that the living room would become our library.  And so it was — the old entertainment center and the three upright bookshelf towers from our former bedroom did the job … sort of.  We just needed more space, even after putting up long shelves near the […]


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