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The Final Month

15 December, 2020 Ken ChroniclesEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalPolitics, Economy, Science

Turned the last month-page of my “Cats in Space, with Food” wall calendar. I am definitely yelling “Jumanji!” at the end of December 31st. Apart from the stress of new plots of sedition almost every day since the election, and millions of people who flat-out lost their minds over everything from wearing masks and protest […]


A Very Long Year

20 September, 2020 Ken Business & WorkEditorial & DiscussionEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalPolitics, Economy, ScienceWoodworking & Other Projects

Dinner with friends on the back deck Friday — Mer and I, cousin George, Jeff and Mike. It was a soothing evening with perfect weather between some seriously hot days recently and suddenly cold ones. Topped it off with just Jeff and us two with an episode of “Lower Decks”. That’s the way I’d like […]


Does Wanting to Cuddle Make Me a Creeper?

10 February, 2015 Ken Editorial & DiscussionPolitics, Economy, Science

The Cuddlr app came out for Android, but I still am not sure about it. Apparently it’s doomed to failure according to critics. Is it due to collective social awkwardness toward strangers and even friends? Or are we so touch-starved all around that holding hands or spooning is inseparable, in perception or reality, from sexual motives? […]


Personal, Hard Lessons Regarding My Country

24 June, 2012 Ken Politics, Economy, Science

I was in my second parade of the year with the lodge, this time for West Seneca Community Days.  I got to hold the American flag again, and again I got salutes from a few vets.  However, one caught my attention above all others.  In front of one house stood a man whose apparent age […]


You gotta love Socialism … or not.

27 December, 2010 Ken Editorial & DiscussionPolitics, Economy, Science

Excerped from an article linked from a forum I belong to: “[T]he division of the world into rival nation states, A BASIC CHARACTERISTIC OF CAPITALISM, stymies any rational and systematic international cooperation. ” {emphasis mine} It’s not only amazing when people quote editorials as authoritative, but when they are from a source so far from […]


I’m a Real “Amerrcan” Now

10 April, 2010 Ken Everyday LifePolitics, Economy, Science

My friend Jim from grade school (who found me on Facebook a little while back) took me out to a shooting range in Tonawanda the other day.  I fired a Remington 597 .22LR, Saiga .223 (takes both .223 and 5.56×45), and Beretta Storm CX4 .45 ACP.  He also showed me his Springfield XD 9mm. I’ve always […]


Shaking Hands with the Devil

5 August, 2009 Ken Politics, Economy, Science

Though I think the sentiment doesn’t count when two devils shake each other’s hands … http://apnews.myway.com/article/20090805/D99SK8KO3.html Clinton secured the release of two journalists, and probably threw Gore in the mix to beef up his much-needed perception as pertinent, credible and sane.  Or was it a partisan plug all the way? But the real question is, […]


I’d rather die in debt than turn my head and cough for Uncle Sam and die early.

18 July, 2009 Ken Politics, Economy, Science

From an actual person I know, not a chain email: The US already has two functional examples of single-payer health care provided by the government. As a US Army veteran, I have nearly 30 years of experience with the one most recognize – the VA. Yes, the same system that made news a few years […]


Obama STILL Raising Money?

29 June, 2009 Ken Politics, Economy, Science

I continue to get emails from his campaign machine, usually begging for money (AFTER the election mind you) or selling bumper stickers and t-shirts.  Whatever.  Here’s my question, and I dare anyone in their staff to publicly answer it: When you send me constant messages such as “Will you donate whatever you can afford to support […]


Why is Obama still Fund-Raising?

20 May, 2009 Ken Politics, Economy, Science

I keep getting requests for financial support from Obama’s team — he was elected half a year ago!  Is there any precedent for such a thing?  Are they saving up for a “Clinton bailout”?  Does the president have his own lobby?  WTH???


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