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Turned the last month-page of my “Cats in Space, with Food” wall calendar. I am definitely yelling “Jumanji!” at the end of December 31st. Apart from the stress of new plots of sedition almost every day since the election, and millions of people who flat-out lost their minds over everything from wearing masks and protest conspiracies to voter fraud fantasies and vaccine misinformation, our house is sad tonight.

Joey (Hunny), the oldest of our cats and last of our pets from the old apartment, passed to the rainbow bridge. He loved me so much (my beard in particular), and I loved him. He was an old soul, even before he was a bit crunchy and old in body (18 years). He passed in asleep in front of the faux fireplace heater of our remodeled living room. We were surprised he continued on even into this year, let alone almost reaching the next. It’s just so hard. It’s always hard.

Keeping an eye on him (and my heart), it’s been hard moving forward with writing the last few days. I’m doing the final edits on “Some White Guy’s Book” over the next week. Writing it has been a transformational experience. I’m not the same “white guy” as I was when I started writing it a couple of ambitious months ago. Who knows what it will bring to my future.

Looks like my Little Christmas invites will have a link somewhere here for information on gathering virtually. It’s our 35th year, and I hope to see people from afar I haven’t seen in years.

I’m just a bit … tired. I’ve been sleeping a lot, playing a lot of Bee Swarm Simulator (introduced to me by my niece), and will probably saw off half the tree in the back closes to the deck. Business is paying the bills, but a little tight like always this time of year. Merry’s recently instituted “snack basket” and supply of hidden chocolate most of the year has added to my quality of life, no doubt.

Would have hoped to see the Geminids, but alas, it’s cloudy as usual for such events. I can only hope to see the Jupiter-Saturn “Christmas Star”. And maybe I’ll write my book on astronomy next year. Only the stars know for sure …