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I wrote about my one last visit to Christina at college a Saturday in April, but didn’t mention I especially liked picking up one of harmonicas lying around to collaborate in a random jam session with Christina and a friend. If I ever learn violin, Merry will demand a banjo and we’ll have plenty of self-entertaining going on. Anyway, I hoped to visit more but health issues of my own then Merry took precedence. As I mentioned, we made graduation, a somewhat chaotic yet seemingly anti-climatic day.

The plan was for her to move to her mom’s for a month or so then live with us before finding an apartment with Shannon. Things didn’t work out so she moved in with us pretty much right away. The amount of stuff she brought into the house was as crazy as what we brought from our apartment on South Fisher!

It’s funny, but I miss her more when she’s out now than when she lived in Fredonia. I made it clear I didn’t want to stand in the way of her independence, but it is such a welcome blessing to have her here. Her vampiric college schedule is subsiding and life is seeming to be more and more what it ought to be in some deep, meaningful way for me. Merry can’t keep from laughing at all the ways she is just like me. I even joked that I didn’t actually have sex with her mom and that she was actually a clone.

It’s a little weird though — but not uncomfortable — that she and her boyfriend are getting involved in my business. It’s been a real incentive to get Kentropolis tuned up like it should be in so many ways. But I did joke that he would be breaking up with her and moving to Alaska now that the business cards arrived — I usually have sales people disappear at that time.

But the sudden change in living arrangements is a bit of a stress, however welcome. So far I have not only learned NOT to place two spaces after a period, but to leave the toilet seat down in accordance with a clear majority of X chromosomes.

Now I just have to manage twice the carpentry projects, starting with elaborate closet shelving.