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I was caught in a blizzard in Springville yesterday, coming back from working on the farm and buying eggs from the Amish.  At first, it was just heavy snow, then a beautiful twilight, then driving 25 mph on the 219.  When I got back and stopped in Wegmans to get a fruit smoothie to my wife at work, I had the only car in the lot with a snow-covered license plate.  A spat of brief hail a few days back, but no snow here yet!

The library shelving is DONE … except for the smaller section for between the windows, which I’ll get to next year.  Mer wanted it done before Thanksgiving, so I had to finish it much earlier to make sure it was dry enough for books before then, so I actually did it in eight days (actually one less since I rested on the seventh, LOL).  I really built the heck out of it.  I was walking on the top of the bottom section a lot while finishing it, and could grab on and lean all I want with all my weight — not even a creak.  This top section was much easier to build after having figured out how to do it with the lower.  It’s the biggest project I’ve ever done and I’m proud of it.

Mer is already bringing down tons of books from the attic and cramming them in, semi-organizing as she goes.  I believe I was wrong — we have a lot more than the 1600 books I estimated last year, maybe around 2000 even after we fill my car with donateables tomorrow.

We just can’t stop looking at it.  When we wake up in the morning or come home from somewhere, we just go to the room and stare.