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Merry found a great deal on a covered, 4-shelf rack greenhouse.  I immediately went out and got it (at Big Lots), along with some potting soil.  We went through our seeds and bought some others — we’re starting tomatoes, peppers, sunflowers, and various other flowers, some of which we will use at the cemetery in Dunkirk.  We plan to save a fortune doing it this way … if they take.

But now, days, later, we have our first “shoost”, a Marigold.  This is the first time we’re doing this, and only just this year thought of using my office as the incubating space, with its windows facing the sun most of the day.  But the funniest thing was the one-step instructions for setting up the greenhouse.

And this year has been strange.  It was 80 degrees last week and last night it snowed a little.  The greenhouse is making more and more sense already.

On another note, I’m ready to start a block club, and maybe we can greate a plant exchange like some neighborhoods do.