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The last couple weeks I’ve gotten a lot of stuff done — doing projects one after another, checking off house chore lists, and tonight I reached the rare goal of an empty Outlook inbox.  However, I had to cancel a service day for Earth 2 Mouth because I didn’t get around to coordinating it early enough.  I can only do 100 things, and that turned out to be 101.  I’m trying to cut out obligations and projects so I don’t backslide into chaos, but I’m not sure what.

I finally got the cement poured for the house jack, after impressing the city inspectors and a basement engineer I had stop by.  “Nice diagram.”  “Nice hole.”  I enjoyed working with them, and vice versa, where they are probably used to people being defensive instead of appreciative of their recommendations.  Bob helped with the heavy work, including moving the 80 lb. bags of commercial-grade cement I had to buy to replace the ones in the basement that set in the bags over the last year.  While it sets and I slowly jack the house to level over the rest of the year, I plan to finish the new electrical circuit I worked on over the last year as well as finish the moulding to complete the library.

This year I entered a photo in the Fair’s amateur photography competition.  I didn’t win anything, but at least I can say I entered.  And the free tickets worth more than the entry fee made it very worthwhile.  Between that and volunteering for Excalibur and the Masonic Child ID Program, I won’t be buying any tickets at all this year.  Unfortunately though, we didn’t get access to the Excalibur booth early enough to get it all painted and decorated.  A work in progress!

Other than that, I did one Christening and have another one coming up in addition to the second of two weddings this year.  Every one I do seems to be some unique circumstance — I’ve only done a dozen or two of various life events and services and already I could write a book!

Today I stayed home while Merry went to the fair with her cousin, meaning I had to take care of “Squish”, our rescued baby kitten.  At around four weeks old, she needs her eye meds every hour, along with several feedings and facilitating other, less pleasant bodily functions.  We even have a Facebook page called “Saving Squish” devoted to her incontrovertibly record-breaking cuteness.

Overall I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, but most days I rise to the challenge.  It’s quite a juggling act, but at least there’s a variety of things to do.