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Went to the Buffalo River Works to connect up with old classmates from D’Youville. It was the first time I saw more than one person from my class and or someone I knew. It was getting to the point I was remembering alums from much older eras at yearly events like the tea luncheon, but almost never anyone I knew from my actual time as a student. At this one, there was even the husband of an alum who turned out to be in my high school graduating class!

Other than one friend I reconnected on Facebook with, I was slow to talk to anyone, waiting for them to approach me. I started to recognize them but was unsure and always bad with names. The chaos of the time after graduation seemed to wipe the slate clean a bit and I didn’t revisit the college for years. It was like a fog with memories being prodded or poking out as I talked with people. And one memory led to another and another, with more names coming to mind of people I knew and miss.

It was mostly the usual talk about professions and location and family — usually in that order. The reminiscing about me was primarily sharing Ethics, an inescapable core for the predominantly OT/PT crowd. The other thing was remembering my martial arts and friendship with David and Steve, which I was very open about as to that tragedy. I was surprised how many people came into town for this. I’m really glad I went.

After gauging the Wife’s tolerance of crowds and noise, we left, but I felt a certain invigorating contentment, if there is such a thing. It’s like I’m more connected to my younger self in some intuitive, positive way.