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This was found in files in 2014, dated 4/20/2000 … this was my meal that Merry and I prepared for “Iron Chef Night”. For a number of weeks, we taped (VHS) the original Iron Chef and had parties on Wednesdays (I believe) where we’d watch it, with every week being someone else’s turn to cook. This was for my week. The desert was served with Jasmine tea, and when Little Jeff scrambled to serve the wine he brought, I stopped him and insisted in the pairing with the tea. Afterward, he concurred with my judgment.

YIN Appetizer Platter

Seafood Pâté Florentine
A trinity of ground shrimp, crabmeat, & scallop, with a hint of lemon and garlic, topped with a whole shrimp for flourish
Side of chilled white rice with a chive flourish & additional side of flowered lemon

YANG Main Course

Tri-Cheese Seafood Omelet
A two-egg omelet with two cheeses and mushrooms cooked with the egg, and shrimp and diced broccoli sealed in with mozzarella cheese. The cheeses used for the day are Denmark Havarti from cow’s milk, and Longhorn Colby Jack.

YIN Dessert

Vanilla Ice Cream lightly flavored with coconut, topped with honey and accented with a fish-shaped banana cookie with sesame seeds, made in showing respect to Thai Restaurant “Jasmine’s” Banana Coins.