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Saturday, July 27th

A lot has happened … except for updating this journal!

We saw the most magnificent fireworks we ever saw — it was our first time at Delaware Park on the Fourth, invited by Little Jeff and Amy (Merry’s sister).  I wish Christina could have been there.  Later in the week, I picked up Christina at Lizzy’s Cabin (her best friend’s family’s) — she’s spending a lot of time there this Summer, and Lizzy and her can’t be separated for more than a few moments at a time!

We camped at Evangola State Park for the first time, with Christina, and it was REALLY HOT setting up camp, but was great to be out.  Nice trails, the beach — just a little TOO hot.

We finally had Christina’s birthday Luau with about a half-dozen of her friends — skirts and coconut bras all around.  Even Merry’s sister wore some.  We set up everything in the back yard of the complex, and they all had a fun afternoon.

Tai Chi classes at Sports Focus Physical Therapy Center in Orchard Park started this last Thursday.  A handful showed up, mostly my students from community ed, and I’m hoping for the best.

Saturday, August 22nd

Busy! Busy!  My office was turned inside out making way for new carpeting.  It was so gross, the installers wouldn’t touch it, and I had to remove it myself before they came back!  Gave me a chance to paint the reception area though.  It looks (and smells) much better.

Between that and my vacation with Christina, it seems like work has been a bit on hold lately these last few weeks.  This week I’m back in the swing though.  For a few spots I was REALLY stressed between getting things done and tenant complaints, vendor hassles, but the big thing was carpeting complications I don’t want to get into.  Flynn style, I delivered some old carpeting that should have been removed right to the carpet store … too bad they weren’t open yet, or it would have been a gripe to remember.  I’ll just send a letter.

Lastly, my latest video game obsession is the worst ever — Morrowind.  I wont bore you with the details, although I seem to be boring my wife and everybody else about it quite a bit.

Oh, and the Erie County Fair rocked.  We took the other Mary with us (my wife’s uncle’s wife’s mother — whew!) and had a great time.  Lizzy came along and kept Chrissy busy on rides most of the day.  She was sore for days afterward!  I even got to practice with the Falun Gong people.  It was extremely relaxing, and I was even a little sore from holding the postures.

September 21st

We went Camping at Evangola State Park (Merry, Christina, & I) for the first time – it was great.  Hot as heck setting up, but we made lots of water runs.

Saturday, September 28th

I’m Living on Lunchmeat again as Merry is in Cincinnati for a vet conference until Sunday night.  Yesterday, I went to a BNI meeting, and have decided to join.  I even called one of the guests (Hess Florists) to have an arrangement sent to Merry’s hotel room — just because.  Needless to say, the other ladies were jealous.

She had to miss her cousin Kristie’s wedding, but I went for both of us, bringing the arrangements she made.  The wedding was wonderful.  The church building was “warehouse construction”, which wasn’t what I am used to, but I think I really like their Church — their pastor in particular struck me as a sincere man of God.  I had a good time, took lots of pictures with my new digital camera (it takes Poloroids!), and discovered an amazing meatball recipe.

The “Schola Cantorum” (mini-choir) is out of the box, or at least announced in the bulletin and mentioned on the website, but no one seemed to notice, which is fine anyway.  I sang with the regular choir on Sunday, and they all wondered if I would join, not knowing I sing at Noon ordinarily.

Morrowind — I’m hooked.  The game is just way too cool, and more and more I can put it off until work is done, but find myself daydreaming about the world inside the box.  I’m thinking of putting up a website devoted to it sometime, probably at

Well, I better pick up pace switching servers.  I’ve put it off long enough.

Wednesday, October 30th

It’s starting to feel like Fall … I can smell it in the air, and we are all anticipating some snow in the next few days.  I’ll be spending Halloween without Mer or Christina again this year.  Merry is visiting relatives in Tucson, and I’m missing her terribly.  The solitude is giving me some newfound clarity though, especially after a “pep talk” Mer gave me before she left.

Christina is in the high school production of The Music Man this week.  She seems to be having a good time.  She’s also into the “AMVETS clothes suck” mood again lately.  “Fashion is a virus … a disease.”

I have my own mail slot at the parish now for “web site” — I only hope I remember to check it.  I just finished switching all the dozens of sites over to the new servers.  I busted my hump so much these last few weeks, it seems like I’m doing nothing when I’m only a little busy now.

I also decided to start a diary keeping track of Fisher Park stuff, such as anything that might be important but doesn’t go in the tenant records or maintenance database.  I’m writing it … by hand … in pencil!  My wrist starts to hurt after a couple of paragraphs — how did I ever survive grade school!

Friday, November 1st

Things were quiet at the in-laws for Halloween.  I got 2nd place in the pumpkin contest for my “barfing” pumpkin.  Christina’s pumpkin was far better, but didn’t get many votes (from the visitors).  It was strange how many voted for Amy’s, which wasn’t even carved.  Di (Merry’s Dad) won with his unusually-shaped pumpkin carved with the intension of being a Power Puff Girl.  I did the yearly walk to Merry’s cousin Kaush’s alone, and kept her company for a while — I Love my wife’s family, and really do think of them as my own.

Another BNI meeting today, and got a few leads.  I’m a member now and love associating with other professionals and business people.

Friday, November 1st – 2 PM

It’s snowing!  The first snowfall of the season, tiny flakes, then lots of big ones.  I went for a walk with lady immediately, and caught a bunch of the snowflakes on my tongue — must have looked strange to people driving by!

Wednesday, November 6th

I went to Christina’s play Saturday and Sunday — it was a lot of fun.  The acting was better than the singing, but the singing was much better Sunday.  I ran into old students and young ladies I had at my Tai Chi demo at Mount Mercy’s career fair last year.

Fruit flies took over the apartment much this last week.  Every time I throw away a piece of fruit, a couple days later I find more sitting somewhere else!  And it didn’t help that the guys left pop containers in the garbage and sink while I was out Sunday.  I finally recalled how to set “fruit fly traps” and set up a bunch … they seem to work well.

I also started getting some money in again from clients, new and old, so I put the car in the shop for a bunch of things to be looked at and fixed.

Last night, I met Merry at the airport (11:30pm), dressing in my wedding outfit, with a rose in hand.  Life’s too short to wait for a “special occasion” when every day with the one you Love is a special occasion.  It’s so wonderful to have her back home.

Monday, November 18th

Raking between snowfalls (and snowmelts), everything at the “plaza” is going alright.  I’m slowly learning not to worry about everything here like a lord holder — there are limits to my managerial responsibility and it’s time I recognize that.

Now that I’m a little busier, I’m actually getting a lot of things done.  Today I may be finishing the rewiring of the office like I’ve planned to for some time — network and phone jacks between rooms and the upstairs/downstairs.  No more running a cable to the spare room from mine anymore.  I even wired my first phone and cable jacks yesterday — the modular system I’m using is great.  Justin (from next door) will help me with a few of his tools and his growing electrical expertise.

Fruitcake season is here … candied fruits, pans, smells … and lots of jokes about fruitcake, of course.

The other day, we watched LOTR special edition.  It was worth every second of the four hours.  I’m so glad it wasn’t that long in the theater — without an intermission, you’d have to bring a milk jug, and I don’t mean as a beverage.  And I can’t help saying it enough — Legolas is TFC — too effin’ cool.

Saturday, December 7th

My wife, her mother, sister, and I went to the Andrea Bocelli “Sentimento” concert last Saturday when it came to Buffalo.  I think I cried more than they did.  A few hours of opera was a little mind-numbing at times, but there were other pieces as well, such as the William Tell Overture, and the orchestra played this beautiful American symphony written by Mercurio, the conductor.  And his hit song sounds so much better WITHOUT Celine Dion.

They wanted to fill in space below by clearing some of the side nose-bleed sections of the HSBC Arena (which ended up mostly full) by moving us to the 100 seats!  We found out later that our landlord was also there and they moved him as well.

Speaking of which, I finally am learning to take Sid’s advice.  I take everything at the complex too personally — I care too much and let things get to me.  I’ll still do what needs to be done, but I’m not going to bust hump when I don’t have to.

For Saint Nicholas Day, I got Merry a laptop (a Compaq Larry picked up for me at a decent price).  It’s not much and has to run an archaic operating system (Win95, 2nd Ed.), but it hooks into the network fine and she can use the broadband connection as well as storage space on my personal PC down here in the office.  She LOVES it, but I still want to get her a better one down the road when I can afford it.

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Christina’s on her school’s Basketball team and having a good time.  She’s seems to show improvement every game.

We’ve been thinking about adopting an iguana that was abandoned at a local pet store.  It was in poor condition, but is getting better — Merry found out about it when they performed tail surgery on it at the animal hospital.  However, as much as I’d like an Argonian friend, the more I read about them, the more I realize they’re more work taking care of than I could probably handle.