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Monday, January 12th, 2003

It’s my Mom’s birthday — I don’t remember off hand how old she would be today.  I had a strange dream about my Mom a few days ago.  She was saying something I don’t recall that upset me, over and over, and I just wouldn’t be mad at her for it.  I had a lot of tense dreams that night.  I think that’s when I started to catch whatever this flu-cold thing is going around.  It took my down for the count all weekend.  I’m almost glad I traded the whole weekend to have Christina over for our Little Christmas party, which went very well.  Guests even lingered on into a quiet evening afterwards.

While sick, I caught up on tech magazines, Eucharistic Ministry newsletter articles, and spent some time on the WebHostingTalk forum egging on my old hosting company to come clean on how it really treats it customers.  They didn’t appreciate that — they even called me … well .. something inappropriate, in front of everyone.  But the pressure from me and others for them to prove they didn’t lie about giving a due credit to another customer chased them right off the forum.  Sometimes you have to push the sword of justice in a little deep.

Christina had off from school today, theoretically because of weather.  They anticipated a blizzard that either never came or it missed us completely.  Almost no snow, but very cold all day.

Saturday, January 25th

I hugged a young Buffalo yesterday.  We saw him outside a local pet store (by the Southgate Plaza), along with sheep, a pony, a rabbit, a camel, and a couple of chickens.  It licked my chin and tried to eat my hair.  What a cutie.  It even looked a little like Lady (our Shih-Tzu) when it gazed up at us.  I wish I could bring one home, but it wouldn’t look right in the living room, and when fully grown would probably block the TV no matter where he was.