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Monday, March 3rd (“03/03/03”)

Everything has settled down at the apartment complex.  Sid’s son, Sid Binks III, is the new landlord, and everything will continue business as usual for now.  It’s still freezing and single digits Fahrenheit most of the time.  I’m going stir crazy a bit. 

Christina’s basketball season is over, in part because the coach didn’t know when the next championship tournament was, and missed it.

I just switched phone plans with Verizon so that all calls at all times are free — local, regional, and long distance in the USA and Canada.  I predicted years ago this would happen by around now, and people were skeptical.  Now if we can wire the third world, there will be lasting global peace.  I had a long conversation with the operator about he idea, along with discussing Disney World, etc..  I have a way of sidetracking  telemarketers, surveyors, receptionists, and the like — it’s just my personality.

I was also appointed “Education Coordinator” for my BNI chapter, and start this week.  Everyone seems excited and encouraging about it.

Monday, March 17th

It’s FINALLY warm enough to go for walks without a jacket! 

Last Tuesday I was in Fredonia and stopped by the Convenient store, now called the Fredonia Food Mart.  I knew it was owned by my Dad’s cousin Dickie Stuczynski just a few years ago, and got to meet (for the first time) my third cousin Mark Stuczynski.  I shook his hand and handed him my card … it took a few seconds and then we had a lot to talk about.  Later that day, I told Christina she had three more fourth cousins (Mark’s two sons and a daughter).  My Dad was happy to hear about it, too.

On another note, I saw the movie “The Ring” and jumped a few times the first time I watched it … I thought it was well put together and it really gave me the creeps.