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Friday, May 16th, 2003

Last Saturday, Christina performed on stage at Shea’s Theatre, as part of the cast of high school production of “The Music Man”.  Their troupe did a review of the musical with no sets or costumes, and received the Kenny award for best lighting and special effects.

Sid (the new landlord, son of the old landlord) made it clear to me that I was in charge instead of just a manager by name.  It’s an interesting position, as I both like and dislike being in charge — I don’t want to be anyone’s boss, but want the ability (authority) to properly take on the responsibility of the apartment complex. 

A couple of weeks ago, I planted trees and bushes around the complex as planned, and it is slowly giving me a different time-sense knowing that the trees wont be fully grown until after we leave years from now.  It’s a subtle act of selflessness if you think about it.

Anyway, back to bang my head against the screen!  I’m fighting with both a PHP database and MovableType on WNYPolonia.Com, and the site debuts Sunday!

Monday, May 19th, 2003

I busted my hump and got everything ready for the kickoff of WNYPolonia.Com.  The Polish Heritage Festival (run by the PUA) was jam-packed.  I found out some family name stats from 1990 Poland, which I will make public on  But after this and the Hellenic Festival the day before, I’m all “festivalled” out!

And out of the mouth of babes, as I took candid pictures of Christina talking on the phone in her room, she called me the Paparazzi!  (“Papa-razzi” — get it?)  And she started working more and more by herself on her web site.  She’s getting the hang of FrontPage — I’m actually a little surprised.  She understands it better than some so-called web-designers I’ve seen.

{More … see next entry}

Saturday, May 24th

There was so much last weekend, I forgot to write it all down!  Before the Hellenic Festival, I stopped in with Christina at the Buffalo Karpeles Museum for a presentation, “Of My Blood”, about the Colosseum, by the artist (and friend of mine) Ralph Sirianni.  It’s about time I got to see one of his shows.  The museum used to be an abandoned church almost right next to D’Youville.  I actually had dreams of buying it when I was a student.  It’s an amazing full-block of buildings, church and rectory.

While trying to find somewhere to grab a bite to eat, I noticed how much the West Side has changed.  Ted’s hotdogs — closed.  The pizzeria on Porter by the church — closed.  We grabbed a snack from a corner store in the end, watching a parade of schools coming to and from Kleinhans Music Hall for graduations, including D’Youville.  I can believe it’s been 12 years since I walked the sidewalk to and from D’Youville and Kleinhans.

Last Sunday, Father Ed from Brazil visited our parish.  I heard him speak once before, at St. Catherine of Sienna about four years ago.  His inter-denominational approach and admission of wasted band-aid efforts on the part of most charity gives me new hope for the Church and the world.

Merry and I have been cleaning and getting things ready for Sid’s visit this Sunday.  It’s a strange sort of excitement, sort of like the King coming home from war to meet with his prime minister.  Okay, maybe I’m taking it a bit too far!

Well, back to cleaning, organizing, and then off to choir practice and Bruce & Jill’s Memorial Day party!