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Tuesday, September 8th

I made my first home-made bread about a week ago (Merry helped), and munched on it by our first campfire at Bennett beach in a while.  It was great.  While camping, we telescoped in on a planet we were hoping was Mars, but wasn’t orange that night.  I later saw it through a camper’s telescope at the “rally” put on by the Western New York Gas & Steam Engine Association.  It was still just a whitish disk, but then even with Mars being at record proximity to Earth, it was dust-storm season planet-wide there — go figure.

At the Gas & Steam show, however, I did get to play security Friday & Saturday, and bringing Christina and her friend Lucy, on Saturday, I even got to drive the tractor-pulled people tram for a couple of hours.  It was a big blue New Holland hydrostatic transmission tractor, and I took to it right away.

Last week, I rescued  an abandoned cat from the farm, and now we call her Nora “Cupcake” Peaches.  She’s so tiny, but very affectionate.  After much reconsideration, I’ve finally come to grips with the reality that I like cats.  I hope we can find a home for her, but I’ve got that nagging feeling she may end up ours in the end.

Friday, September 11th

I’ve been sick on and off all week.  I took a nap Wednesday for lunch and never made it back to the office.  The next morning I almost didn’t go to the farm in spite of Merry’s enthusiasm for canning and freezing, and then found out she had planned to go with me!  I somehow rose to the occasion and the fresh air really helped.  At the end of the day, I felt emotionally exhausted, as I must have gotten through it by will alone.  I did manage, however, to also get to the P&BA meeting that night, and won the  $200 door prize!  I put it in Chrissie’s savings to help towards school, etc.

Friday, September 19th

Wouldn’t you know it?  First, I get very few RSVPs for the Tai Chi picnic tomorrow, and how hurricane Isabelle may deliver Western New York the first tropical storm in recorded history.  Actually, the weather predictions lately have gotten increasingly optimistic, with less and lass rain earlier and earlier than expected.  It may even be only partly cloudy during the picnic!

Tuesday, September 23rd

The picnic had only a few guests, but we had a good time, and good weather.  Pretty much uneventful, except that I got to see a couple of students I haven’t seen in a while.

Yesterday, I found out the apartments have been sold, and shortly afterward received a call from the new owner.  I met with him this morning, and there may be some upheaval in my life if we can’t come to an agreeable management & office space arrangement.  We’ll see …

Open house at Christina’s school was pretty nice.  The new principle said she was “thinking about me” and the computer teacher and her are looking forward to my assistance with computer-related issues.  I just hope I don’t have to fix any hardware!