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Wednesday, October 22nd

I got my first cavity filled since I was a teenager, and it was actually a “re-filling” of an old one.  Old silver to new silver with almost no pain in 15 MINUTES!  A few hours later and I’m already eating leftovers — fish, actually, which with the breading-stuffing Merry made with it is actually really good (I don’t usually care for fish at all).

Saturday was our 6th Anniversary, and we spent it at Pumpkinville (sorry, no website to link to and I forgot my camera!).  It was really cold, but we bought gourds, pumpkins, and Chrissie and I went through a nice corn maze.  We had to find all the hole-punch stops to get a free small pumpkin at the end, and Chrissie found them all before I did.  It also had seemed like the leaves changed color and fell everywhere but where we lived, then one day — bam!  Leaves all around the property. 

We actually had an “Anniversary Season” that started when we went alone to Ellicottville for their Autumn festival the weekend before.  I also grabbed her a couple of things from Valvo’s coming back from a trip to Dunkirk I made last Wednesday.

On Sunday, Christina cleaned her room, and as usual, it was Christmas all over again!  Beads, gel pens, clothes, you name it — stuff she didn’t remember she had.  And I ate some of her old candy, not knowing it was a couple of YEARS old.  No harm done — I didn’t get sick.

Pumpkin Contest 2003 (Merry’s parent’s house)