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Monday, December 8th

Spent the last few days painting apartments.  The new owner is really putting a lot of work into the apartments, to the point where rent is raised for the renovated ones, and tenants are still scrambling to get them as fast as they’re done.  I may as well paint — my Internet connection is down (maybe until Wednesday) and my car is in the shop.  The battery died running errands with my friend / associate Rob (“Kaith”).  A little gas line anti-freeze wouldn’t have hurt either I’m sure.

I has mead for the first time at Thanksgiving dinner, which was at our house with Chrissie and Merry’s parents and sister.  If I has to be a drunkard, Mead would be my poison.  Even my favorite Greek desert wine didn’t taste the same after it.

It was just us on the farm this last week, and the crops were too frozen to pick.  Fortunately, a lot was picked the day before, and there’s a lot of squash, potatoes, onions, etc. in storage.  It’s all the better because I hurt my hand in a stupid fall on the way there.  We got to pitch hay and feed the cows.  Being up in the barn with the sunlight shining through the window and cracks was almost a spiritual experience — somehow I picture the Ark being like that.  And I LOVE cows!  Too bad they are naturally so stand-offish.  However, I got the recently calved momma cow to eat from my hand, who everyone said wouldn’t let them near her.

Last night at midnight, Merry took a call from someone she has been playing “Scrabble” with from England.  It really freaked her out, as it would many people, but it’s not that all unusual except for wondering how a first name and general geographic location turned into a phone number.  Probably a little Googling … and I don’t think he’s a stalker.

Wednesday, December 17th

Had a few holiday parties already … ECAS, the farm, BNI, and even got to give the invocation at the last one.  Merry is too busy to go to the farm last week or this week, but is helping around the complex.  I’ve been busting hump painting apartments after renovations and such, and I’m tired.  Lots of exercise and work that I actually enjoy, but the reward is wearing this fast.  I think I’m just in a bad mood today, but am desperate for a change in something.  I just don’t know what.

I ran into someone I didn’t recognize at Big Lots.  She remembered my first name and said she lived half-way down the street from me on Bellwood.  All I could say was, “That was forever ago!” and nod and be polite, although I wish I had remembered her.  I really didn’t know the neighbors back then.

It’s settled that the Little Christmas party will be on a Sunday this year at Dennis & Agnes’s new place.  Now we have to rush out invitation, and I finally printed off labels for by business Holiday Cards.  It’s like time is short and yet moving ever so slowly forward.  Again, maybe it’s my mood.

Monday, December 22nd

Lots of little notes …

Saturday, I was officially appointed as Chaplain for the Buffalo Guards Camp of the SCV.  Yesterday, I couldn’t even sing at mass — my voice is almost gone as I am getting over a cold — at least I could play the tambourine to “Nova! Nova!”  Post-nasal drip is my nemesis.  Speaking of which, we saw Star Trek: Nemesis for the first time last week (on DVD) — poorly constructed details in the story line.  Anyway, we couldn’t make the North Ridge holiday party for various reasons, including our cat Chopsticks being really sick with an IV at home.  Lastly, the last of the Christmas presents have been wrapped, Merry, Mom, and Moo have been making cookies like crazy, and the weather is hovering back and forth at the freezing point.  I’m rushing out the Little Christmas party invites today.

Tuesday, December 30th

Saw Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, and could only think that George Lucas is no longer The Man.  Sorry, George … it was wonderful while it lasted.