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Regix KX

Seasoned Spartan, Legendary Completion on Halo Xbox and Halo PC

Clan: None
A/S/L: 34 / Male / Buffalo, NY USA

AOL IM: naushee
Yahoo! IM: kentropolis
Email: ken [at] kentropolis [dot] com
Personal Homepage: www.KenVille.Net
Company Homepage:

Favorite Weapon in General: Rocket Launcher, just because you’re so fragalicious!
Decent Proficiency: Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Flame Thrower, various melee

Favorite Vehicle in General: Banshee, so I can make more kills across a large map faster
Decent Proficiency: Tank, Banshee, Ghost, Gun Hog

Favorite Map: Death Island, because it maximizes the use of various tactics.
Second Favorite Map: Ice Fields, because I dominate.
Favorite Indoor Map: Chiron (with rockets and flame throwers), because it keeps my blood going.
Other Maps Preferred: Infinity with all vehicles and many players; Longest (with rockets and flame throwers); Hang’em High with rockets or all weapons; Damnation; Derelict; Timberland; Gephyrophobia (all vehicles or sniping only)
Favorite Game Types: Slayer; Team Slayer; Team CTF; Oddball (small indoor maps); King of the Hill (sometimes)

Other: “I am the King of Nades” (fragmentary that is) – Infinite grenades are a gift from heaven…
Hobbies: Hunting Banshees on foot; seeing how good clans play when they hold “tryouts”; practicing trick shots that work AND look cool.

Peeves: Whiners who quit right away when they get whomped; Clan tryouts (or others) that shut down the game when I beat them too badly; People who use tricks of the map like hiding in rocks and going off or on top of the map area (in which case I make a point of beating them anyway).  I also think it’s stupid to hold “stunts only” server races as Slayer or CTF instead of … I dunno … RACE?

Ethics: Good sportsmanship and teamwork make me warm and fuzzy.  I’d rather lose to a gracious winner than beat a sore loser.  Encouraging other players, on either team, is a good thing — none of them are enemies in real life.  I just as well will follow orders as give them, but detest not being able to count on teammates, especially betrayers.  I tolerate spawn killers but usually avoid it myself; I think nothing of transport-killing (it’s your fault if you don’t listen or watch your radar).  I like being on the bad end of uneven teams, but not the other way around.  The person hosting is god — If they tell you to switch teams, hold fire, or leave, for any reason, comply.  If you don’t like the way a game is being played, tell the server host if you want, but leave instead of cause trouble about it.

Plans:  I don’t want to start or join a clan, but want to teach teamwork and strategy to noobs.  Nothing would please me more than to take a couple okay players and have them beat a clan team of at least the same number of people.  There is no doubt in my mind I can do this because I did it on the fly once, organizing and having newer players take out the clan holding tryouts using sound teamwork and tactics.

Notes & Tips

  • Paper Scissors Rock: Halo was well designed as a well-balanced game in all respects.  There are no uber-weapons or vehicles without weaknesses.  Heavy weapons overheat or reload slowly.
  • Hunting vehicles on foot is a rewarding pastime.  Practice it in any game where you clearly outmatch your opponents.  They’re less likely to shut down the server if you “handicap yourself” and if you lose by a couple of points, you wont feel so bad.
  • Indoor Tactics:   By indoor, I mean any map without vehicles.  It implies a more limited space, although some people are stupid enough or have so much time on their hands that they play three other people without vehicles on Infinity, spending most of the game running around hoping to run into a target.  Keeps you alert during lulls, but otherwise wastes practice time.  Mano-e-mano  there is no weapon superior to the pistol, unless you are a true expert at a sniper rifle moving at all ranges.  Three shots to the head with normal shields is a sure kill.  Techniques include the “Rush-and-Slap” and be aware of both sides of the coin to jumping.
  • Vehicle Axioms
    1. Every vehicle is both transport and a weapon.
    2. Any vehicle can take out any other vehicle if you know how.
    3. Any vehicle is vulnerable to a skilled opponent in any circumstance.
    4. Anyone can consistently take out any vehicle with any weapon with skill and knowledge.
    5. Maximize advantage in a situation by choice of vehicle, placement, and attack method.