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I bought this camera at OfficeMax for under $200, including 64 Mb SmartMedia Card (came with an 8 Mb) and batteries. It was basically a discontinued (and discounted) item, and the last one in the store.

Its “resolution maxes out at 1600×1200 pixels (in SHQ, HQ, or SHQ-TIFF mode) off a 2.11-megapixel CCD” with a 35-105mm (35mm-equivalent) lens. But what makes it unique is the ability to print Polaroids (size 200) of any picture in the camera, with cropping and zoom options beforehand.

It also could take video, which I really didn't use, but I did use the delay feature a couple of times for self-portraits. I always wanted to go to the park, take pictures of couples, etc., and sell them Photos on the spot, just for fun, but never found the courage nor time.

Anyway, it was a bit combersome in size, but I got almost 2 years of use out of it, professionally and personally, before the focus went on the fritz. I can no longer focus manually or otherwise, and I can't imagine the cost of repair.