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I had Merry pick up this camera for me at BigLots for about $40. It was 3.1 megapixel, no frills, but I should have known. It had a nice screen, some decent options, and took decent video, but as a camera, it just sucked.

It didn’t come with a card, only internal memory, and no batteries. It also had no real zoom (just digital), no shutter cover, no macro setting, but was lightweight and I thought it would hold me until I could afford a decent one.

But the pics it took were really bad, as if they were just over 1 megapixel at best (a “fake” 3.1 mpixel), and lighting was a nightmare — too bright with flash and too dark without. Which brings me to why I returned it just this evening, a few weeks after getting it:

The batteries (3x AAA, and yes, I used alkaline) didn’t last long. A couple pics and one video and it was dead. I replaced the batteries and after a handful of shots, there wasn’t enough power to use the flash. With macro and lighting limitations coupled with battery-eating I just couldn’t use it.

I wont even hand it down to my daughter as a toy. But that’s what I get for spending under $100 and buying an off-brand pice of electronics.