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Maybe it’s from watching the TV show “Clean Sweep” where they help people throw out stuff and reorganize living spaces, but I’ve finally got up the courage to sort and toss.  I started with excising a big box of books.  Then Merry and I did major triage on the basement storage area.  We made a hefty donation to the dumpster and to Yai Yai’s Attic (the garage sale shop at the Hellenic Festival) as well as a few items for AMVETS.

Lots of stuff I finally let go because it was information archived or available online.  Other stuff because I no longer am so stringent about the idea that our eventual farmhouse will have fun rooms for people to dig through nostalgic crap.  It wore me down a bit phsyaically and mentally, but we both got rid of enough stuff to actually use the storage room again.

We also moved the big kitchen hallway cupboards down into it and replaced them with slimmer white ones.  Vive la difference!  I’m just not sure Mer will be bale to fit everything back into place, but if it’s possible, she can do it.

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On a side note, we’ve used the fire pit four times in four days.  We haven’t even started to use the wood saved from after the October Surprise.