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Personal Home CampgroundI’ve been jonesing for a fire pit since they were on sale last Fall.  My goal?  Having a campfire any evening I want without packing everything up and having to get home before people’s bedtimes.

So ever since the weather started getting acceptably warm, I’ve been searching roadsides for a truck tire rim (as from a semi).  From asking around — after having no luck coming across one randomly — Miller’s Truck Center on Lake Avenue offered me one, but I had to come back Saturday.  I missed them when they were open due to Moo’s graduation, but when I Brake Drum Fire Pitcame back Monday they didn’t have a rim they would spare.

They had something better: a truck’s brake drum.  Slightly smaller, but a lot heavier.  Kids wont be pushing it around, and it will last much longer.  And most importantly, it was free, meaning ifthe neighbors complain about the smoke I’m not out the $100 for a nice one from Big Lots.

So that very night I gathered litter and twigs (which are in abundance here) and had Merry and I a nice evening of sitting and reading.  Perfect timing, too, as it was drizzly later in the evening, just when we were about to come inside anyway.

And no complaints from neighbors … yet.