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My wife and I did some cleaning (and spackling) over at our friend Michelle’s new apartment.  She lives in a part of Allentown you have to go through a small park to get to, except on foot, exempting you from one-way streets going out from it in all other directions.

outlet.jpgShe had two electrical power outlets in the living room that had a really odd prong configuration.  Even her mom (an electrical engineer) didn’t recognize them, and I could only find someonewhat similar ones online.  {Pargon the .jpeg, as I would have used a .gif, but I sent the image to a couple electricians I know and wanted it easier to open.}

While the ladies were steam claining all the rugs, I went for a walk to Kleinhans, explored the small park, and stopped in some shops in Allentown, mostly new ones I didn’t know were there.  And of course petting lots of dogs being walked by their owners.  Afterward, she treated us to the Town Restaurant, and of course we walked.

It brought back memories of living at D’Youville nearby, and I loved the neighborhood.  I could live there again, and I would visit my Alma Mater all the time, at the very least for the meals, and likely the library.  But it’s more of a spiritual place-thing.  I should treat myself to a day there sometime.