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I was on the way to the farm, driving downt he 219 in Springville.  One lane each way, double yellow line.  Incase you aren’t paying attention, that means NO PASSING.  Unless you are a sports car and don’t mind a head-on collision.

Coming at me with a combined relative velocity of at least 130 mph, only my Jedi reflexes saved me.  The swerve was sharp, and the whole event lasted proabbly under a single second.  If I had the truck instead of the Escort ZX2 Sport, I would have been clear off the road.

The guy probably didn’t even look back.  I had the urge to turn around and catch them … but then what?  Even with their license plate I couldn’t do a darn thing about it.  My adrenaline told me to pull over, but I merely turned off the cassette I was listening to (one of my Dad’s old success lecture recordings) and slowed down a bit more than usual the rest of the way.