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“Life is too short to hold back, but too long to say exactly what’s on your mind.”

It’s from my daughter’s MySpace.  I don’t think she knows how proud I am of her as a person, and she always surprises me with a clarity of mind so rare in this world.  It’s my duty as a parent to try and correct little things before they get big, so I might seem critical or over-concerned at times, but deep down inside I thing she’ll be alright.

It’s kinda funny, but I feel like I’m truly her biggest fan and always will be, just like my Dad is my biggest hero.  I almost feel like I’m sandwiched between generations of greatness and expected greatness, wondering if I live up to my family name (so-to-speak) like those who go before and after me.  But I also think we are all so different and great in our own ways, and maybe I just need a little reassurance.