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I suppose it’s about time someone retaliated against me for serving some truth and justice.  I was already threatened earlier this year with frivolous legal action by a cult leader for publicly exposing their lies about academic credentials.  But now someone (William Franklin of actually put up a website devoted to defaming me … kenstuczynski(dot)com.

Of course the guy is making it all up, and is furious now that his own family has contacted me and discovered what he’s been up to, including registering his own sister’s name as a domain without her even knowing about it.  And he’s putting up my contact information the same way I put up his … except that I never hid mine or changed it over the years, while he’s been hiding from all sorts of people.  See for my official response.

On one level, I guess I should be angry — and he’s taking a big chance on my being Christian enough not to drive down there (Cincinnati), but on the other hand, the more time he spends playing games attacking me as if this was a personal battle, the less time he has to scamming other people.  And it’s sad that he really thinks he doesn’t do anything wrong all those countless times he didn’t pay people, not realizing it’s not a bunch of civil suits if he makes ripping people off the same way again and again an ongoing business practice.

It’s just sad that I am careful to only accuse him of what I have fairly documented, and he can say anything he wants about me — lying with a total absence of conscience — and it’s all the same in the end to the outside world.  But I’m documenting it all, and when the time is right (and if he isn’t in prison yet), I will probably sue him for libel in the same way I’ve begged him to sue me so I could present mountains of evidence I am telling the truth (much being currently “anonymous” and wont release to him directly).  But at that point, he’ll be sure to go further into hiding, and I’m sure I’ll never see a penny.

But in the end, it’s all about principles for me, and I can sleep soundly at that.