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At a networking social for BNI in Fredonia, an older gentleman, upon seeing my card, asked if I knew a Jerry Stuczynski.  This one connection was worth more than any business I could have gotten from the gathering.

When I was little, my Dad worked in the Aerospace industry — he was Vice President of Finance for Carlton Controls Corporation (CCC), later bought out by Moog.  Many a time he would come home and say he heard some new joke from the auditors who would visit the company.  Apparently, this man before me was the lead auditor my father had spoken of so often.  We chatted and “reminisced” — though that word doesn’t seem right as I had likely never met this man before except through a common bond.

While driving home, I called my Dad and he immediately knew who I meant.  And I was all too pleased to inform him that he was indeed considered a pleasure to know and remembered fondly all those years (and missed thereafter) by the people around him.  I wish I could have seen him firsthand at work back in those days in his favorite industry, dealing with so many people in so many ways.