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The Buffalo News ran an article “Healing in Motion” about Tai Chi (in  particular in Western New York) this Saturday, which included excerpts from an interview with me.  The journalist called me on the phone weeks ago and said the article was for the 1st of the month, which I never found so I didn’t know what happened until people started telling me they read about me when I held class this morning.

The article was a mish-mosh of information from varied sources made up mostly of diverse anecdotes, comparisons, and conclusions.  In my own couple of paragraphs, I was misquoted twice, but what I disliked about the article most was a listing of links that were placed under a heading incorrectly — some only vaguely relevant to the article’s subject — and they missed my own site, which lists and links to all the larger schools and styles in the area.

Jane (the reporter) seemed overwhelmed by the complexity of the subject when I talked to her and wasn’t sure what aspect to focus on … and it showed.  But I’ll take any press I can get.   :^}