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The last couple weeks I’ve been playing musical chairs with the computers.  The guest machine went to a dear friend who needed it; mine is sitting at the guest machine’s desk, ready for reformatting and reinstalling of everything; my new one is here, almost completely ready after moving over every conceivable file , setting, and program I could.

Last night I placed  the virtual Pakua I created about a year ago onto the root directory of the hard drive.  Everything else is pretty much in place except for some programs I decided I no longer need (such as WinZip, replaced by XP’s compressed files handling, and JetAudio, deciding to used Windows Media Player) and a few new versions that are really cool, such as Google Earth, now with an amazing astronomical view of the heavens.

It set me back some productivity time for sure, but the new Dell is working out nicely.  I set them up myself without too much trouble, and I even set up my friend’s “new” machine in record time — perhaps three or four minutes.  However, it wouldn’t recognize their USB mouse.  Sometimes the taste of victory is brief.  But the whole thing was a nice virutla enema, i think, as I backed up nine (9!) DVD-ROMs of stuff, got rid of a lot, and am actually organizing the file system chaos better than it’s been since forever ago.

Now it’s time to really settle into paying projects a bit more instead of rediscovering FreeCell.