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Cheryl Manuel & I at her Junior and my Senior prom, St. Mary’s High School, circa 1987The other day while cleaning out some stuff in the bedroom (yes, we are using filing cabinets for dressers) I found some ID holders and wallets that had some neat things in them.  My high school ID was something, but the pics of two proms I went to were especially apropos to find — my daughter and her boyfriend are the same age as me and my date in the photos.  I showed it to them and they thought it was pretty cool.

Tonight is her prom (actually a semi-formal) and she called me to meet her at the salon to see her hair beforehand.  I couldn’t ask for a better relationship with a daughter than I have with her.

On another note, Mer and I went to the Christmas supper for the Gas & Steam club in Alexander, NY.  Her mince pie was gone in short moments.  On the way home, we decided to actually buy a real Christmas tree.  I stopped in Alden at Ulbricht’s Tree & Garden, where they even had cut-it-yourself service … which I declined.  We decided the first tree I cut for our Christmas should be on our own property.  Besides, it feels like the idea of pulling the trigger on Bambi, so any excuse to put off doing such a thing seemed fine by me.  The only problem now is trying to fit the extreme plethora of decorations we currently own on a slightly smaller tree …